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Listed below are Crystal Classics Privacy Policy as well as answers to most frequesntly asked questions.

Please send us the e-mail to with any questions.

Privacy Policy: Crystal Classics NEVER rents out our customers mailing list. If you request our catalog you will get only OUR catalog. Your name, address, phone number and e-mail are never rented out to any other party. We never use your your phone number to call you unless there is a problem with the order. If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at 1-800-999-0655 or by writing to info@crystalclassicscom  

Return Policy: We will accept any item for an exchange at any time. We will accept any return for a full refund, less shipping costs, within 30 days from the date of purchase. The date of purchase is the date your order was shipped out. The items to be returned or exchanged have to be in their original condition and in their original box. Seasonal items such as Christmas ornaments and engraved items sales are final. Discounted and sale item sales are final. To return or exchange an item, you need to request a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Do not ship the items back without a Return Authorization, as we can not guarantee proper credit without it, and all such packages will be refused. To request a Return Authorization Number, please send an e-mail with details of your order to: There are no exceptions to this policy.  

Breakage in Shipment: Broken pieces in the shipment are not your problem. However, it is important that you notify us immediately upon opening the package if there are any broken pieces. You are required to keep all packaging materials that this shipment came in. In case of breakage, pack only broken pieces back in the package, seal the package and we will send UPS to pick it up at our expense. Soon as we receive the package, we will ship the replacement pieces at no cost to you whatsoever, regardless of the price of the piece broken.

  Shipping Options: We will ship gifts anywhere in the continental U.S. free of charge. The packages are shipped UPS ground and we are also able to provide tracking numbers upon request. If the packages need to be shipped by air or any service other than ground, there will be a standard charge. You will be notified of actual UPS cost for these services. We are also able to charge the shipments to your FedEx or UPS accounts. For more information please visit our Free Services Page.

International Shipments: Crystal Classics is able to ship anywhere in the world. We use UPS for our international shipments. We also provide full documentation necessary for the shipments to clear the inbound customs. Customs are usually cleared by UPS based on documentation we provide. You will get the package delivered to your doorstep. Average delivery time is between two and four days. The cost of shipping charged to you is actual UPS cost for these shipments. The shipping charges are calculated automatically when you add the item to your shopping cart.  

Shipments to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Territories. Shipments to Canada can be shipped by UPS Ground Canada. Currently that is the least expensive option for any shipment to Canada. If you need and item faster you can choose UPS International Express delivery, which should arrive in a day or two. We also provide full documentation necessary for the shipments to clear the inbound customs. Customs are usually cleared by UPS based on documentation we provide. You will get the package delivered to your doorstep. Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Territories require 2nd Day Air Service  

Gift Cards: We will gladly fill out and attach a Gift Card with your personalized message to all orders. You can include the Gift Card message on our order form under the area "Sentiment". There is no limit on the size of the message. You can also send us your Gift Cards or letters to be enclosed with the gifts. Please make sure that each person's name is clearly marked on the cards if they are not the same for all packages. Letters can be sent overnight to Crystal Classics, 4402 Tuller Rd, Dublin, OH 43017.  

Gift Wrapping: We will gift wrap free of charge all your gift selections. We use a neutral white embosses high quality paper. During the Christmas Season we can wrap your selection in the seasonal paper. The paper selection can be made in our Order Form. For more information please visit GIft Wrapping page.  

Engraving: We are able to engrave almost any piece we currently offer. We can engrave your company logo and appropriate message according to your instructions. Please visit our Engraving page for more information on these services.  

Accuracy: We pride ourselves on accuracy and you can rest assure that your order is in good hands. We will automatically check every ZIP code to assure the prompt delivery of your package.  

What Constitutes a Flaw in Crystal? Frequently, we attempt to explain the facts of crystal artisanship to customers seeking flawless perfection in the tableware merchandise they buy. In reality, such perfection can be achieved only in assembly line products. Of course, this is not possible or even desirable in quality ware whose manufacture depends so much on the skill and artistry of individual craftsmen. Slight variations in crystal ware pieces are actually a confirmation of fine crafting. Most customers who appreciate fine crystal understand this.

  Is a "seed" or bubble in crystal stemware a flaw? No. The tiny "seeds" or bubbles the size of a pinpoint, visible when you examine crystal against a strong light, are formed by gases when chemicals unite in the fusing or melting of the raw ingredients. These bubbles do not affect the quality or the beauty of the glass.  

Should all pieces of crystal be identical? No. Each piece of crystal is unique. Slight variations of weight and sometimes height are the sign that each piece truly is individually crafted.  

Is a line or "cord" a flaw? A line or "cord" is an almost invisible difference in the density of the crystal that occurs during the fusing of molten crystal. It is visible when it reflects light, but when a goblet with a cord in it is filled with water, no light is reflected and the cord becomes invisible.  

How can I unstick a decanter stopper? Try this: run water that is comfortably warm to your hands on the neck and top of the decanter, or pour warm vegetable oil around the stopper to loosen it. You can avoid the problem by wiping the neck of the decanter with a soft cloth before replacing the stopper.

  How can I remove stains from a decanter or a vase? Swirl a handful of uncooked rice in a solution of lemon juice or vinegar and warm water to remove residue inside a decanter or vase. For tougher stains, try warm water with a denture cleaning tablet, allowing it to soak.

Can crystal be cleaned in a dish washer? We do not recommend cleaning crystal in a dishwasher since the heat and abrasive cleaners may mark the surface of the crystal. Read additional care information in the Usage & Care insert shipped with every piece.  

The History of Marquis by Waterford Crystal: In 1991 Waterford introduced Marquis by Waterford Crystal, the first new brand in the company's 200 year-old history. Marquis offers innovative crystal patterns with designs ranging from contemporary to traditional, with lighter, simpler lines that reflect a modern sensibility. Each piece of elegant stemware and giftware accessories is finely crafted under the meticulous eye and exacting standards of Waterford. Several Marquis stemware patterns are available in four shapes -goblet, continental champagne, wine and iced beverage - as well as an array of giftware that can be mixed and matched to create a new standard in contemporary decor.